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Our Services

Exclusive Products

Broker Solutions provides exclusive products with name brand national carriers that you cannot buy anywhere else. These products separate your agency from the competition while paying you better than market commissions because there is no marketing distribution system.

Integrated Enrollment and Communication

Broker Solutions provides integrated enrollment for all of your insurance products regardless of the number of insurance carriers while integrating with payroll. These exclusive systems makes life much easier for your client

Perscription Drugs PBM Cost Savings
Broker Solutions helps you reduce your perscription drug card cost by managing and overseeing your PBM. We have contracts with pharmacists who manage and oversee your programs guarunteeing at least a 2 to 1 cost saving for the fees charged. Most savings will resolve in 3 to 4 times the fee. 

Broker Solutions protects Brokers by providing exclusive products that can't be "Agent of Recorded" easily and often vested commission. We help you make more money while providing your clients with unique and exclusive products they can't get anywhere else.

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